Dr. Masatomo Yashima is a full professor of the Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech). He has been a full professor of Tokyo Tech from April 2011 to the present. He obtained Ph.D. from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tokyo Tech in 1991. His interests are the precise structure analysis at high temperatures, new ceramic material exploration, structure-property correlation, ionic conductors and so on. He published over 260 original research papers (over 14904 times cited and h-index = 61 (Google Scholar) February 26, 2020). 
He received over 50 awards including the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) Award for Creative Work (2018), the Spriggs Award, the Award of the Ceramic Society of Japan (2009), the Award of the Crystallographic Society of Japan (2008). His activities can be seen at the web site: http://www.chemistry.titech.ac.jp/~yashima/e 

Masatomo Yashima 
Tokyo Institute of Technology