Jacob (Jake) McMurray graduated from the University of Tennessee (UT) as a Bredesen Center fellow with a Ph.D. in Energy Science and Engineering in 2014 and is currently a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). In 2015, Dr. McMurray joined the Material Science and Technology Division at ORNL applying a background in experimental and computational thermodynamics to develop fabrication routes for high density uranium bearing ceramic microspheres for tri-structural isotropic fuel designs.  

In 2017, DOE initiated a molten salt reactor (MSR) campaign for which
Dr. McMurray currently leads the chemistry effort. In 2019, he joined the
DOE-NE Modeling and Simulation program as deputy lead for the Structural Materials and Chemistry technical area. His current interests include experimental thermochemistry, computational thermodynamics, and developing tools for multi-physics modeling and simulation of MSR behavior. 

Jacob (Jake) McMurray
Oak Ridge National Laboratory