International Research Conference on 
Structure and Thermodynamics of Oxides 
at High Temperature 
October 21-22, 2016
 Davis, California
The organization of the conference is supported by National Science Foundation, as part of the project “Experimental and computational study of structure and thermodynamics of rare earth oxides above 2000 °C” NSF DMR 1505657 (Brown University) and NSF DMR 1506229 (UC Davis).
 Alexandra Navrotsky holds the Edward Roessler Chair in Mathematical and Physical Sciences and is a Distinguished Professor of Ceramic, Earth, and Environmental Materials Chemistry at the University of California, Davis, where she directs the Organized Research Unit on Nanomaterials in the Environment, Agriculture and Technology (NEAT ORU) and the Peter A. Rock Thermochemistry Laboratory. Her research interests have centered about relating microscopic features of structure and bonding to macroscopic thermodynamic behavior in minerals, ceramics, and other complex materials. She has made contributions to mineral thermodynamics; mantle mineralogy and high pressure phase transitions; silicate melt and glass thermodynamics; order-disorder in spinels; framework silicates; and other oxides; ceramic processing; oxide superconductors; nanophase oxides, zeolites, nitrides, perovskites; and the general problem of structure-energy-property systematics. She has published over 500 scientific papers. She has received many awards and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1993.  
 Axel van de Walle is Associate Professor at School of Engineering at Brown University. His research focus is on first principle computations of structural and thermodynamic properties at high temperatures. He is creator of widely used Alloy Theoretic Automated Toolkit (ATAT) - collection of alloy theory tools automating first principle phase diagram calculations. He has published over 70 scientific papers. 
Sergey V. Ushakov is Staff Research Associate at UC Davis Peter A. Rock Thermochemistry Laboratory. He joined Prof. Alexandra Navrotsky’s group in 1999 and has co-authored over 40 articles, a book chapter, and a US patent devoted to the thermochemistry of rare earth oxides, phosphates, titanates, zirconates, and hafnates. His current research focus is on high temperature thermal analysis, in situ X-ray diffraction and development of drop calorimetry on laser heated levitated samples.